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Re-Elect Judge Patricia Kaufmann Young
Knowledgeable —
A District Court Judge presides over matters that profoundly affect the lives of individuals on a daily basis. At one time or another a District Court Judge Judge Young In Officewill more than likely have a direct impact on your life, or your loved one’s.

On any given day a District Court Judge presides over matters that may include; your child’s speeding ticket, your neighbor’s child custody action, your mother’s car accident, your sister’s contract dispute or the case that you are called on to serve as a juror.

Very simply, these are the issues that occur day in and day out in all of our lives. That is why it is important to know the candidates who are running for District Court Judge. I have a proven track record for possessing the qualities and experience necessary to make the decisions that may directly affect your life or the life of your loved ones.

Buncombe County has two District Court rotations, Family Court and Civil/Criminal Court. Currently, there are three District Court Judges assigned to the Family Court rotation and four District Court Judges assigned in the Civil/Criminal rotation. I have experience as a District Court Judge presiding in both Family Court and Civil/Criminal Courts. It is important to have an experienced Judge ready to preside over all matters. District Court Judges are assigned to preside in a court rotation at the discretion of the Chief District Court Judge.

I have presided over all matters as a District Court Judge in the last twelve years within the jurisdiction of District Court both in the Family Court and Civil/Criminal Court rotation. I am prepared and experienced to preside in all of our Buncombe County District Courts.

The experiences that I have gained as an attorney in private practice, my experience as an Assistant Public Defender and as a District Court Judge combined for the last eighteen years in the Buncombe County District Courts have given me the knowledge needed to continue to serve as District Court Judge. Most importantly, my experience provides me with the knowledge to handle your personal affairs, or your loved one’s.

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